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Fillico Japan ABOUT US with HISTORY

SINCE 2005



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Some of our proudest achievements have been the production of Limited and Collaborative editions in a variety of agreements with Japanese and international brands. Some of these have been private labels (PV), while others have been OEMs.

Collaboration to date (The order is not the same)

Yumi Katsura / mastermind JAPAN / DRESSCAMP / Aston Martin / LEXUS / SANRIO / QUEEN / Seiko Matsuda / Risa Hirako / Rinda Torindoru-JJ / The Ritz-Carlton Osaka ・ Tokyo / Mandarin Oriental Tokyo / Disney Ambassador / Tokyo DisneySea Hotel Mira Costa / The Westin Hotel Tokyo / Ramada Hotel Osaka / Switzerland Hotel Nankai Osaka / Hotel Okura Tokyo / CYBER AGENT / Daio-seishi Co., Ltd. / Procter & Gamble Japan / Shiseido / POLA Corporation / Dr. CIERABO / AMERICAN EXPRESS ・ Japan Ltd. / YS J. Corporation / Cornz ・ Motors Corporation / Shochiku Corporation / Kabukiza Co., Ltd. …etc.

Corporate Profile

Contact Information
Fillico Japan Co., Ltd.

July 2005

・Tokyo Head Office
4-9-13 Ginza, Chuo-ku Tokyo Japan

・Osaka Branch Office
Bakurocho Estate Bldg. 1F, 1-4-10 Bakurocho, Chuo-ku Osaka 541-0059 Japan

Kenichi Sakata

Fillico donates a portion of every sale to the Japan Red Cross.
URL Japanese sites
URL English sites

・Individual Customers client_service at fillico dot com
・Corporate Customers and Resellers at fillico dot com

CSR Activities

Fillico has supported a broad range of CSR activities since its founding. We seek to contribute to support activities that look to build a future society in which all people can live and work healthy and fulfilling lives.

Jazz Workshop Sponsorship of Live Jazz

Fillico supports the training of young jazz artists in New York and Japan, through sponsorship of the Jazz Workshop. The workshop brings top professionals from New York, as well as young artists, in an effort to foster the development of young jazz professionals through cultural exchange, building friendships between young artists in Japan and the United States, the birthplace of jazz music.

Runway for Hope Charity Fashion Show

Fillico donated an original bottle made for the charity auction of the Runway for Hope (a charity for children affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake of 2011) and continues to support the charity in its annual charity fashion show.

Sakuraenergy Wind Power Generation

Fillico proudly supported the compact next generation wind power energy venture, Sakuraenergy, at the “MIrai no Tsubasa” (Wing of Future Exhibition).

Kamaishi Hikifune Festival Fisherman's Flag

Colorful fisherman’s flags are a well-known symbol of fishing ships throughout Japan. They celebrate a bountiful catch and are important cultural symbols for this island nation. For the ship “Fukutoku Maru,” a ship participating in the famous Kamaishi Hikifune Festival in Kamaishi, a fishing village in Iwate Prefecture, Fillico made and donated a giant handmade flag, decorated lavishly with Swarovski® crystals.

Miki City Hometown Tax - Fillico Original bottle

A special Fillico bottle of Fillico Jewelry Water was designed for Miki City in Hyogo Prefecture for the Hometown Tax (Furusato Nozei).

This bottle was designed to celebrate the birth of the virtual city - “Mikishi” City - on Japan’s Sake Day (October 1) and the 80th anniversary of the original Yamadanishiki, the highest quality rice used to make the “junmai daiginjo” sake. (This is premium quality sake.)

Japan Red Cross

Fillico donates a portion of our sales each year to the Japan Red Cross organization.


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OUR OPEN:Local time 10:00-19:00 ( Weekday )



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